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Jianyuan (Alex) Gao

Alex was born in Shenzhen, China and  was ranked top 10 nationally in junior orders of merit before he moved to Canada at age of 15. After a successful junior golf career, Alex pursued his passion in teaching and he now has over 5000 hours of instructions given. With a focus on junior players, Alex's students have won multiple junior events in B.C and had competed at major junior events around the world. 

Alex has a flexible teaching style and believes that a golf swing should be built around each individual. No one has the same physical strength, flexibility or body proportions. Alex will identify these factors and work with you to create the optimal swing for your body, while exploring ways to push you pass your limits.

Golf Simulator | Golf Lesson | Golf Academy | Golf Lesson | Golf Coach | Driving Range | GoGo Golf Indoor Golf Centre

Pavin Hsu

Pavin was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver when he was 12 years old. He was inspired by his father to play golf at a very young age and picked up his first set of golf clubs when he was 3. At age 10, Pavin began playing junior golf competitively. Within the span of 2 years, he has won multiple championships and was ranked the No. 2 junior in Taiwan in the 10-12 age group. 

Pavin attended UBC and graduated with a degree in psychology. He became a member of PGA of Canada in 2019 and finished the play ability test with the lowest score amongst many other participants. Pavin is bilingual and  can teach in both Mandarin and English. 

Golf Simulator | Golf Lesson | Golf Academy | Golf Lesson | Golf Coach | Driving Range | GoGo Golf Indoor Golf Centre

Lincoln Li

Lincoln was born in Guiyang, China and moved to Zimbabwe when he was 12 years old. He was introduced to the game by Stu Stovol, golf professional at Chapman Golf Club at the time and was also coached by Tim Price, a Zimbabwean golf legend and brother of former world number one, Nick Price. Lincoln’s passion for golf continued after he moved to Vancouver in 2011. He was the vice president and later president of the UBC student body Golf Club and has successfully run numerous events, tournaments and golf trips in the 3 years that he served the club. Prior to joining GoGo Golf Academy, Lincoln has worked as junior golf program leader at Fraserview Golf Academy before turning pro in 2020. During that time he was mentored by former BC Golf President, Derek Thornley and thanks to Derek he was able to improve his teaching skills at a rapid speed. Aside from being a golf instructor, Lincoln is also the founder of Tru-Fit Golf Studio and the Tru-Fit Custom Fitting and Building process. He specializes in Tour Level custom club fitting and building to bring the best equipment to the hands of golfers. He is TPI Certified and has completed level 2 training for both Junior and also Fitness and he is a certified trainer for golfer’s yips under Dr. Farias’ Dystonia Recovery Program.

Lincoln’s teaching philosophy is that to improve our golf game we have to look at it on a broader scale. We need to train our technique, physical skills and motor skills, hand eye coordination skills, mental skills and also have well fitted clubs to achieve the best improvements. Depending on each student’s goal, he will design a training plan that makes the training very simple, straight to the point yet very effective. 

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