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Jianyuan (Alex) Gao

  • PGA of Canada Class “A” Golf Professional

  • TPI Level 1 Certified 

Alex was born in Shenzhen, China and was ranked top 10 nationally in junior orders of merit before he moved to Canada at the age of 15. After a successful junior golf career, Alex pursued his passion in teaching and he now has over 15000 hours of instruction given. With a focus on junior players, Alex's students have won multiple junior events in B.C. and have competed at major junior events around the world. 

Alex has a flexible teaching style and believes that a golf swing should be built around each individual. No one has the same physical strength, flexibility, or body proportions. Alex will identify these factors and work with you to create the optimal swing for your body while exploring ways to push you pass your limits.

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Golf Simulator | Golf Lesson | Golf Academy | Golf Lesson | Golf Coach | Driving Range | GoGo Golf Indoor Golf Centre

Lincoln Li

  • PGA of Canada Class “A” Golf Professional

  • TPI Level 2 Certified


Lincoln was born in Guiyang, China and moved to Zimbabwe when he was 12 years old. He was introduced to the game by Stu Stovol, a golf professional at Chapman Golf Club at the time and was also coached by Tim Price, a Zimbabwean golf legend and brother of former world number one, Nick Price. Lincoln’s passion for golf continued after he moved to Vancouver in 2011. He was the vice president and later president of the UBC student body Golf Club and has successfully run numerous events, tournaments and golf trips in the 3 years that he served the club. Prior to joining GoGo Golf Academy, Lincoln worked as a junior golf program leader at Fraserview Golf Academy before turning pro in 2020. During that time he was mentored by former BC Golf President, Derek Thornley and thanks to Derek he was able to improve his teaching skills at a rapid speed. Aside from being a golf instructor, Lincoln is also the founder of Tru-Fit Golf Studio and the Tru-Fit Custom Fitting and Building process. He specializes in Tour Level custom club fitting and building to bring the best equipment to the hands of golfers. He is TPI Certified and has completed level 2 training for both Junior and also Fitness and he is a certified trainer for golfer’s yips under Dr. Farias’ Dystonia Recovery Program.

Lincoln’s teaching philosophy is that to improve our golf game we have to look at it on a broader scale. We need to train our technique, physical skills and motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, mental skills and also have well-fitted clubs to achieve the best improvements. Depending on each student’s goal, he will design a training plan that makes the training very simple, straight to the point yet very effective. 


Steve Min

  • PGA of Canada Class “A” Golf Professional

  • TPI Level 1 Certified

  • Formal BCRPA Weight Trainer

  • Certified Nike Club Fitter

  • Applied Golf Management / Advanced Method of Teaching Degree from “Golf Academy of America”


As a golf teaching professional, Steve's approach to building up a fundamentally sound golf swing always starts from understanding the importance of posture (balance point) and the proper kinematic sequence of the golf swing. There are many more detailed aspects to learn in the golf swing, but understanding the solid framework can simplify the learning process dramatically.


As a golf fitness coach, Steve approaches individuals to improve their stability (strengthen resisting power), mobility (improving range of motion), balance, strength, and power (speed). His primary golf fitness goals for golfers are simply getting them into the best kinematic sequence possible and avoiding injury by playing golf for longer periods.


Steve is confident that his experience and the best of his knowledge will help and benefit all different levels of golfers from beginners to elite junior golfers who work their way up to playing the highest level of golf.

Tony photo.jpg

Tony Wang

  • Member of PGA Canada

Tony Wang was born in Taipei and came to Canada in 1991. Tony has always been interested in promoting the development of golf and has been dedicated to promoting tournaments and popularizing junior golf. Tony started assisting in youth instruction in 2016 and officially joined the Canadian PGA Association six years later.


In 2023, Tony joined the GoGo Golf Academy, taking charge of junior golf initiation and actively participating in major junior tournaments to help children grow. With his extensive consulting background, Tony believes in providing customized solutions for each golfer to unlock their full potential. His teaching approach centres around personalized strategies aimed at improving the skill level of every player and optimizing their performance. Furthermore, Tony firmly believes in cultivating a growth mindset in the field of junior golf, encouraging students to continually challenge themselves and nurture their thirst for knowledge. This philosophy has not only propelled his personal development but has also shaped his approach to imparting wisdom to his students.


Andrew Harrison 

Andrew was born in Camrose, Alberta where he began golfing at the age of 5 years old. He began competitive golf at the age of 12 and went on to a successful junior golf career, including winning the 2013 Canadian U17 Championship.  Following his junior career, Andrew went on to play for the University of British Columbia golf team, while completing a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. In 2020 he turned professional to pursue a professional playing career, and earned full status for the 2022 season on PGA Tour Canada. 


Andrew has tremendous experience playing at an elite competitive level, and is able to draw on this experience to help his students unlock their potential.  Taking a holistic approach to teaching, Andrew will look at all areas of the game to help his students optimize their golf game and reach their goals. 


Lunghei Ku

  • Member of PGA Canada


Lunghei Ku, originally from Shenzhen, China, developed a deep passion for golf at a young age. Guided by his father, a professional golfer in Hong Kong and mainland China, Ku embarked on a lifelong journey in the sport. With impressive achievements in junior tournaments, including over 30 victories at various levels, ranging from local to provincial, national, and international competitions. Ku's dedication to golf led him to compete internationally, representing Hong Kong from the age of 16.


In addition to his golfing pursuits, Ku pursued higher education and holds a Bachelor of Communication degree from the University of Southern California. He further expanded his skills with a marketing diploma from Douglas College.


With extensive teaching experience, Ku works with a diverse range of students, tailoring his approach to their unique aspirations and abilities. He encourages his students to explore personalized learning styles while recognizing the evolving nature of golf swing philosophy. Passionate about teaching, Ku creates an environment that fosters growth, enjoyment, and learning. Leveraging his 15 years of competitive experience, he provides invaluable insights into course management and strategy, empowering his students to excel in their golfing journey.


Joseph Wei

  • Member of PGA Canada

Joseph, a distinguished member of the PGA of Canada, boasts an impressive 23-year journey in golf. His extensive immersion in the sport has afforded him invaluable insights into effective course management and the intricacies of mastering the Golf Swing, particularly for amateur enthusiasts.

With years of trial and error, Joseph has garnered practical expertise in enhancing beginners' enjoyment of the game, making him a trusted mentor for those embarking on their golfing journey. 

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